• High Temperature Stable Running / Antifouling and Movable Baffle /Compact Design
  • Fresh Air Intel Hole: greatly improve the indoor air quality
  • Built In High Head Drain Pump: Built in Brain Pump drains water automatically.A standard
  • drain head height of up to 600 mm is possible, creating the ideal solution for perfect water drainage

  • Particular Panel Design: From 15 to 50 models the same appearance panel, harmony with the environment and with consistence appearance
  • Antifouling and Movable Baffle: The movable baffle has antifouling design and can effectively control the airflow and air direction.When there are many units, the operation of cleaning and maintenance will be largely reduced
  • Branch Outlet: It is possible to use 1 or 2 branches for better air distribution
  • Advance Structure Advance structure facilitating cleaning and installation. the suction grill can be rotated by 90 degree and its installation direction can be selected randomly
  • Compact Design: Adopts compact design, the thickness of the main body is only 24 cm. Even if the inner space of celling is narrow, the unit can also be installed easily
  • Work up to 52 ℃(T3 condition): Haier air conditioner can continue to give cooling or heating air even when temperature comes to 52 ℃ outside
  • Quiet Operation: Airflow pass through the outlet smoothly and fluently owing to the streamline air outlet, bring a much more quiet space.
  • Wide voltage: Wide voltage with the fluctuations between 175V-242V has a strong adaptability, whether under urban peak, or insufficient power supply in remote areas, the unit is able to operate normally. Like cactus. Common ones only resume normal operation under 220V or so, the machine would burn down if voltage is too high, while too low voltage, it can not operate normally.
  • auto restart after power restored: The function permits automatic return to previous operation conditions after a sudden power down


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